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Shenzhen XinHao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Over the years, we dedicate to make precision mold for mobile devise, smart electronics devise and consumer electronics devise, and through the vertical integration of manufacturing business,... ...
负盈利网站 2018/11/1
秒速参与京东JD+供应链 2015/11/18
秒速作为移动互联网智能终端设备精密结构件一站式解决方案商,参与京东JD+供应链 助力智能硬件创新团队的成功,为智能硬件终端领域提供量产解决方案... ...
全球竞逐工业4.0领头羊 中国 2015/11/15
工业4.0到底是什么?在国内,这一领域目前的发展如何,投资者又该如何在工业4.0的浪潮中掘金... ...

We are committed to build long-term relationships with customers, to share the latest technology and information, we are committed to meet and exceed the customer‘s expectations of service quality, to achieve a 100% satisfaction ......

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